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Hemp PlantWelcome to Alternative Economic Development Association of West Virginia.

AEDAWV is a voluntary organization of independent business units or individuals in the same branch of industry, which conducts cooperative activities aimed at improving the welfare of the group, which does not deprive its members of the power to make essential managerial decisions.  AEDAWV was formed for the protection and promotion of business interests of its members.  AEDAWV is a non-profit earning association.   Members units can remain completely independent. There is no interference by the association on the business affairs of its members outside of the accepted code of conduct.  Reportedly 85 percent of businesses that fail are not members of their industry association.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the legal West Virginia Medical Cannabis Industry setting high standards of excellence through our code of conduct, business operations, medical practices, education, information sharing as well as state and national governmental advocacy.

Our Belief

Our belief is that a high standard of industry self-regulation is best to allow the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Industry to thrive, grow and prosper to the benefit of the business operations, medical community and the patients in need.