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Member Benefits

Joining the Alternative Economic Development Association of WV (AEDAWV) means being represented along with other quality companies and individuals committed to the cannabis industry. In addition to consolidate and effective political representation, AEDAWV membership offers unparalleled networking opportunities;  access to submit content to our member blog; free or special admission pricing to networking and educational events.

AEDAWV is a voluntary organization of independent business units or individuals in the same branch of industry, which conducts cooperative activities aimed at improving the welfare of the group, which does not deprive its members of the power to make essential managerial decisions.  AEDAWV was formed for the protection and promotion of business interests of its members.  AEDAWV is a non-profit earning association.  Members units can remain completely independent. There is no interference by the association on the business affairs of its members outside of the accepted code of conduct.  Reportedly 85 percent of businesses that fail are not members of their industry association.

Being part of a AEDAWV enhances the member’s business profile, because it conveys that the company is committed to its industry and actively involved in its progress.


Becoming a member of AEDAWV gives you a fast access to any reliable, noteworthy news or developments in our industry.  Staying up-to-the-minute on industry news allows members to take advantage of changes or developments that benefit their operations.

AEDAWV membership provides a forum for promulgating industry-wide best practices, and becoming a member of AEDAWV gives you a resources to learn what best practices govern your our industry.  AEDAWV membership will provide the latest regulatory information regarding our industry.


Our industry will always be a highly regulated industry which will need constant monitoring and industry positive influence.

When you become a member of AEDAWV, you have an organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the needs of your industry.  Having a dedicated association to lobby and advocate on your behalf is powerful. Plus, an AEDAWV membership is much less expensive than lobbying on your own or hiring an outside lobbyist.

AEDAWV brings companies and individuals together, turning one small or individual voice into a persuasive, effective, powerful, collective voice.

Trade and industry associations give a public voice to groups that might otherwise be ignored, support the development of industry professionals, and act as a watchdog for the well-being of the industry as a whole. Individuals may join an organization because they believe in and support the mission of the organization and the work the organization does, even if they don’t use or need the other opportunities it provides.

AEDAWV will represent members grievances to the government and seek redressal.

By joining AEDAWV, the company or individual becomes an advocate for the industry, even if it does not actively participate in the lobbying efforts.  Membership dues help fund those efforts, and the company benefits from the results they obtain.

AEDAWV aims to send representatives to serve on various committees and boards set up by the government.


AEDAWV membership offers a bridge to communicate with competitors in a collaborative environment.

by networking, small-business owners may spot emerging trends, which could impact their bottom lines. To reap the benefits, you must also make an investment of time and effort in association activities and become involved


Self-regulation within an industry demonstrates to regulators that AEDAWV member companies and individuals are committed to excellence and high ethical standards.

Being able to place AEDAWV on your business card, website or other promotional visuals, helps promote your professionalism, signaling to trading partners not only your active participation in the development of the industry but also your interest in industry best practices and awareness of market conditions.

AEDAWV membership displays to the public, regulators and business associates that our members prescribe to a code of ethics with a view to promote ethical behavior. AEDAWV aims to prevent members from indulging in unfair trade practices. AEDAWV aims to promote the orderly development of the industry.


Pooling resources from members, AEDAWV can provide materials that benefit everyone in the group.